10 Awesome Industrial Style Bedroom Design Ideas

Industrial style bedroom is very minimal and aesthetic in its style of design. It takes inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces. This style can bring beauty to any item. Most commonly used elements for this style are weathered wood, concrete, building systems, exposed brick and industrial lighting fixtures. Wood adds warmth and texture, while metals lend a sleek and modern style. Incorporating raw materials gives an unfinished look. Exposed structures bring out the natural and originality of the piece.

So much of industrial decor is about contrast; old next to new, recycled next to DIY, and even light beside dark. This bedroom combines the neutral, slightly raw look of bare white brick with a stark black accent wall to create dimension and depth. If plain brick walls feel too cold for your taste, experiment with a bold alternative.

Industrial design typically includes exposed beams and piping, but if you do not want to call in an architect, you can fake it with a clever DIY like shelving unit. At once stunning and unique, this unit uses copper pipes to create a rustic, exposed look that is both visually appealing and practical. If this look is too much for you, try a simpler copper DIY that does not involve soldering metal.

Simplicity adorns uniqueness

With people seeking minimalistic approach to interior decor and environmentally friendly elements, industrial style bedroom decor is perfect. The goal of this style is to bring out the beauty in the simplest of ware materials instead of discarding them. One of the best things about industrial style is that it is easy to mix different styles without any clashes. It only enhances the beauty of things around this style. This style is the most flexible style that allows room for play. It is also easy to switch from one theme to another. Industrial styling is about making the simplest thing unique and beautiful. You will never get tired of this style.

Fabulous flooring for industrial feels

Wooden flooring is the most common material for industrial style bedroom decor. It gives a warm feeling to the room. Concrete flooring possesses a modern and contemporary form too. Choosing the right floor is crucial for adding elements to make any room look alluring. It also plays a role in lightening up the bedroom. Flooring colours can be mixed. Weathered wood gives a more natural and earthy look.

Favour Metal Furniture

It should go without saying, but metal fixtures are a vital component of the industrial look. Many people trying an industrial style for the first time are surprised by how versatile metal can be, with various colours and textures available.

Here at Industville, we have a range of industrial lights in multiple shades, including copper, pewter and brass. However, the industrial style doesn’t stop with the smaller fixtures.

Simple, metal furniture is a great way to bring the industrial vibe into any interior space. In the quest for a truly authentic vintage style, you can look in second-hand shops for pre-loved goodies that could fit fantastically in your home or business.

If you are in search of metal-look furniture but don’t want your guests sitting on cold, hard exteriors, we have an extensive range of metal bar stools with comfortable leather seats that can help you to achieve the industrial look.

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