10 Ideas For Decorating Your Living Room and Family Room

If you want to add some character to your home and you have an eclectic touch in your style, these are the perfect ideas for decorating your living room and family room. First, what kind of mood are you looking to set? There are a variety of colors and tastes to choose from and this is one of the places where you can really let your personality shine through. Many of the older generation would have decorated their entire home in brown hues such as cream or green but if you are more of an environmental type, a little bit of blue or maybe red will do just fine. You can find all sorts of accessories, furniture, rugs, paintings and other decorations at your local retail store and even in some of the big box retail stores like Wal-Mart and Target as well.

A vibrant wall gallery and minimalist glass display cabinet for all

Instead of hiding, why not show it off in your living room? Let your furniture express who you really are by using a minimalist glass display cabinet to show the things you like best. But make sure all collections are neatly arranged so that only beauty is visible, not chaos. Even though it’s full of stuff, don’t let the living room look crowded. Choose plain white as the base color to create a broad impression.

Serenity in a small apartment with floor lamps

Despite its small size, this quiet apartment space works well for the people who live in it. With some functional furniture and a large comfortable sofa, they have enough space for her as well as her hobbies. So that a small room looks spacious and bright, use neutral and cool colors, then combine it with light and natural furniture. Accent bright colors on the pillows to liven up the atmosphere. Also add a floor lamp to help with the reading function.

Watch a movie in the home cinema – decorating the tv room with sofa

There’s no need to be ashamed of being a movie enthusiast. See how this watching-hobby couple modeled their living room to feel comfortable for the movie marathon. A sofa bed that is large enough for the two of them to snuggle together, a double decker table to place their favorite snacks and drinks, a TV table and living room cabinet for storing viewing equipment and movie collections, and also using integrated lighting to create a cinematic atmosphere at home.

Family room with lots of places to relax

The following is a family tv room design that is used for gathering and relaxing. The STOCKSUND sofa offers plenty of space so that every family member and guest has a seat. This sofa is very comfortable and can last for many years.

To add style to the room, the BESTÃ… storage combination not only serves to organize collectibles but also provides a soothing classic atmosphere. Also add a built-in lamp to your BESTÃ… storage to make your favorite collections the center of attention.

24 hour family room with perfect storage

IKEA PLATSA storage combination is a modular unit which can be adjusted in many ways to suit your space.

When your living room also doubles as a bedroom, you’ll definitely need a smart storage solution to organize it so it feels just right. This colorful and stylish room is dedicated 24 hours for various activities. Modular storage, sofa beds and seating units with secret compartments, are just a few of the ways you can clean the area and lie down to relax. Combine storage for TV and media with your wardrobe.

The bold look is beautiful – interior furnishings in bold colors

Bring your living room to life with a touch of color! Use bold colored furniture. Pair a yellow sofa with a bright red footstool. Also add other interior accessories with matching colors. Use plain motifs as well as geometric patterns. The use of color rugs can be used as a strong room accent. Using contrasting wall colors, such as turquoise and pink, will add a cheerful tone. This collection of furniture will not only brighten up your room but also your day.

In harmony with the arts – sofa and TV table ideas in the living room

This is a family who loves music where the living room reflects their creativity. And while it’s a little noisy, they manage to find their way. A sofa with storage and a display cabinet to help avoid clutter.

A quiet family room and additional mirrors

Get a roomy and neat impression by using soft wall colors and a choice of calm colored sofas. The wall of the room is simplified by placing a minimalist mirror. Also add matching colored pillows and small blankets for added comfort. Hanging lamps, side table lamps and floor lamps dedicated to reading are placed so that each family member has all their needs met while in this room.

An artistic touch in your living room with a leather sofa

Take a tour around this family room that also doubles as a small museum. This spacious room contains items that belong to a collector, such as a pedestal, pictures in picture frames, storage, and also a leather sofa that looks like it will last a lifetime. There is also a display cabinet unit to showcase all the collections you have. Now, the family room is a very pleasant place to share nostalgic stories together.

For the neatest person in the house – living room ideas with storage boxes

The area under the stairs in the family room is usually a strange space that is awkward because of its unusual shape and size to function. Try dedicating the area to storage. Using a clever combination of modular storage, it’s easy to determine which items to display or store. A storage area with a door is especially useful for hiding things you don’t want to see. The open shelves are suitable for displaying decorative objects. When everything is in place, this family room will look neat.

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No matter what color you choose, there are plenty of ways to tie it in with the style you already have going on in your home. You don’t have to go crazy on the color but you do want to bring out the colors that you love. For example, if you love dark wood furniture, maybe go with a dark walnut or cherry finish to the tables and side chairs for your living room and use the same dark fabric on your wall that you are using for your wall hanging and curtain tie-backs. The ties you use to hang up pictures and other accent pieces can be the same ones you use for rugs and other decorative items in your living room or family room.

Another great idea for decorating your living room and family room is to create a central point or focal point in the room. This could be a book case, a coffee table, a television, or even a fire pit if you like to enjoy the outdoors with your family. You don’t have to put a lot of thought into this one, it’s usually pretty easy and even a child can do it. Simply pick out the item or items you would like to use as a focal point in the room, make sure it has some depth to it, and find a design or pattern that you like. Then, find some contrasting or coordinating fabrics or paints to use as your accent or supporting layers. Finally, you’ll be done with your decorating project and it will look like a professional did it!

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