A Relaxing White Farmhouse In The Country

Country and farmhouse decor both invoke images of peaceful, natural living. The way you choose to decorate your home will depend on how much you enjoy being outdoors. If you love nature and living in the great outdoors, a cozy, country farmhouse might be the perfect way for you to start your home. If you like the hustle and bustle of city life, an urban farmhouse may be better for you as it caters more to the modern lifestyle.

One of the best ways to create a cozy, rural feel in your home is to utilize white walls with wood accents. White farmhouses are typically very simple in their design, with exposed wooden beams and porches or windows. However, white walls painted in a lighter shade of white can give your farmhouse a more up-to-date look that will not have you running around like crazy looking for missing pieces. Your farmhouse photos posted on the wall are also a great way to pull together a more unified theme. We often have white walls in our dining room, but we also have wooden accents on our coffee and end tables and even our lighting fixtures. So, by adding a few accent pieces to your white walls, such as a wooden bench, you can pull together a chic and inviting look.

Soothing Farmhouse In The Countryside

Rural life takes on a different kind of pace. Discover how natural ingredients and conscious choices are giving this renovated farmhouse a taste of slow life.

Living Room Area

Airy, glowing, and ending with a mix of natural and new works. This space is our antidote to the modern world. This makes it a device-free zone, so instead of looking at your phone, you can search outside the dormer window. With a village with a dark sky status due to very little light pollution.

A Light Colored Living Room With A White Sofa Wicker Chair White Walls

A Light Colored Living Room With A White Sofa And Rustic Wood

A Lamp On A Wooden Stool Next To A White Sofa

Two Cushions Stacked On Wooden Floorboards

Kitchen & Dining Room

This traditional rustic kitchen supports modern values. Refine the look of closed cabinets by adding open storage.

A Country Style Kitchen With Wooden Countertops Cream Cabinet

After living with walls and doors where walls and doors shouldn’t, open up the living room, kitchen and dining area. Using a stool for seating saves space as it can be pushed under the table when not in use.

A Dining Table In An Open Plan Living Area With Wooden Beams

Bedroom Area

Choosing the right color scheme for your sleeping habits is just as important as choosing the right mattress. Using too much white in the bedroom can prevent you from sleeping well. Using natural colors and textiles soothes the senses rather than blunts them.

A Bed Covered With Natural Colored Textiles

A Mirror And Lamp On Top Of A Wooden Bench With Two Storage

A Small Clock Hanging On A Painted Coat Hook

A Close Up Of A Beige Throw

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