A Small Home With A Big Garden

Living in a small home doesn’t mean you can’t go big on your love of plants. This apartment revolves around a walled yard, home to a compact garden multitasking as an outdoor dinner spot and a place to grow both food and flowers (with a compost bin!)

Two walls with sliding doors virtually erase the line between inside and out. Covering all outdoor surfaces in greenery – and adding some mood lighting – has turned it a naturally inviting spot. It’s a complete oasis for the senses, thanks to the delicious scent of herbs growing here.

Bring a touch of nature indoors. This pot is handmade by skilled craftspeople using seagrass: a renewable and more sustainable material with a strong natural expression.

Wooden decking tiles make the outdoors feel more like another room.

From regular shelving unit to enclosed storage solution – thanks to a simple, easily-removable cover. A great way to protect your things from dust, or create your own small greenhouse!

Give your plants and home a facelift by adding new pots to your plants. Enhance a style or season, or have fun with a new splash of color in this room.

Just the right size for the balcony or a cosy garden corner, this durable and foldable outdoor furniture combines natural acacia hardwood and powder-coated steel.

This kitchen is an open (cook)book, with much of its contents covering the walls in an intensely inspiring display of equipment and edibles. The large kitchen island makes it perfect place to meet, cook, and eat in.

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Wall space is an (almost) endless resource in your home. There’s always a section or three with untapped potential. All that’s needed to unleash it is a combo of wall shelves and storage bins, boxes and jars. Keep everyday items visible (or in well-labeled boxes) on lower levels, with decorations and less-used stuff higher up.

Letting a room change roles with the time of day is a seriously effective way to multiply space. A sofa bed, lots of storage (both on the wall and tucked inside the sleeper sofa) and a light easy-to-move coffee table and armchair makes this space work around the clock.

By day or by night, this table is easy to move around as needs change. A great choice for multi-purpose spaces, like a combined living and sleeping area.

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