Add Fun To Your Child’s Room For Fairy Tales And Relaxation

Would you like your child’s room to be a place where she can endlessly entertain herself? Would you like this entertainment to be an ongoing process of learning and growth while being fun at the same time? How about developing her independence in the process so that you never have to hear the words “I’m bored!”

The elements of room design that fulfill this promise are based on the concept of room arrangement from high quality pre-school classrooms. It is a unique concept because the primary focus is the needs and activities of the child. We create a room that appears very different from what may be found in traditional designs that focus on creating a “pretty picture.” This is a room where form follows function. It is a child’s room that says, simply, “Here is your space, made just for you!”

Space for fairy tales and relaxation

Joy, solidity, and a space to relax – all wrapped up in traditional style. This is a high quality nursery that never gets old.

Children’s room with white bed, canopy, wardrobe, table and chairs. Colorful rugs lay across the floor.

The SUNDVIK can grow with your child because an adult-sized hanger fits inside, and the door has an added soft closing function.

A rocking chair and a wardrobe are located next to the window with yellow curtains. One of the wardrobe doors opened, a pile of folding clothes in it.

Choose a bed frame that is timeless and extendable, so that it can grow with your child – in style and size.

Extendable bed frame is white with yellow bedding. Canopy hangs on the wall above the bed for comfort.

The toy motif your child gets in and the eco-friendly material you value: KÄPPHÄST which is made from 100% sustainably grown cotton.

Yellow bed sheet with a toy motif on a white child’s bed. Multicolored rugs and stuffed dogs on the floor next to them.

Soft, comfortable light helps your child relax and unwind – perfect for bedtime!

The UPPLYST wall-mounted LED wall lamp is shaped like a cloud and provides a cozy glow next to the white children’s bed.

It’s great to have the same furniture as your parents! This armchair adds a classic touch to a kid’s room (and feels good too).

A dark gray children’s armchair sits next to a white storage unit that holds books and toys.

The children’s table offers your child a dedicated space for tea parties, crafts, and other fun hobbies.

Children’s chairs and children’s study table with table lamps and handicrafts on them, and then located next to the white play kitchen.

By : Ikea
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