Aesthetic Bedroom With Textile Furnishings – How to Design For Modern Living Space

An aesthetic bedroom with textile furnishings has a distinctive appeal in today’s society and can give any bedroom an air of sophistication and elegance. For the modern bedroom, textile furnishings can create that sense of “I’m on top of the world” feeling that the world is at one of its best and most luxurious moments.

The colors and designs in the decorative furnishings of today’s modern bedroom furniture can be bold and bright, giving the impression of a modern, hip, or modern-day living space. They can also be very stylish, with modern lines and sharp angles to make a room look sleek and elegant.

One Aesthetic Bedroom, two ways with textiles!

See how to use textiles to give your bedroom a fresh new look with little effort and a small budget.

INGABRITTA – Throw, pale pink

This light pink knitted throw in acrylic and cotton is nice to wrap around you to feel cozy on the balcony or on the sofa indoors. A lovely and warming splash of color that feels soft against your skin. Add warmth and beautify your bed.

NÄVLINGE – LED clamp spotlight, white

It’s a neat lamp with a design that blends into the room and is easy to use anywhere in the house – as well as providing a nice, glare-free glow. You can easily direct the light to where you want because the arms and headlights can be adjusted. The lights are light and easy to move and just clamp firmly in place.

GLADOM – Tray table, blue

Making the bedroom even more elegant with its blue color, this tray table can be customized in any room in your house, with its tray can be lifted this is one of the things to make it easier for you.

Experiment with pattern and color

Our second look reflects summer’s heat with richer colors and patterns. A tip to help you mix colors is to find a pattern you like. Pick out its key colors and use them in your textile mix. Here, we used the pink, orange and gold in the NÄBBFLY cushion. Add a riot of cushions and throws to turn the heat up to a level that suits you.

BERGPALM – Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), pink or stripe

The colors will add warmth and elegance to your bedroom. This duvet cover is made with a thicker yarn to create a handcrafted, vintage expression that feels casual and relaxed, inviting you to unwind.

NÄBBFLY and GRIMHILD – Cushion cover

Wild and wonderful, with exotic plants and animals from faraway places. NÄBBFLY cushion cover brings the wilderness into your room. Pair with GRIMHILD Cushion cover for a perfectly coordinated wild look.

Are you interested in the above design? You can find items and ideas for other colors at IKEA. Discover and develop your ideas.

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