Amazing: Refurbished and Refreshed Mid Century Michigan House

This is Andrea Rowland’s home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She shares a 3,000 square foot home with her husband and three children and puppy. She owned the mid century house not long after it was forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Andrea renovated the house a lot after buying it, and saw what she had to say about it:

Tell us a little (or a lot):

What about your Mid Century house and the people who live there

Everyone has something that stands out about the 2020 pandemic. For us, this is this home. We bought it invisibly in the first few months after Covid closed down here in Michigan. Madness or boredom, he’s ours. Located in the city on a small lake, level three 1952 is a time capsule. It hasn’t been updated since it was created and features large amounts of intricate dark pine wood and crushed cork flooring.

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Within hours of signing the documents, we were home throwing sledgehammers and crowbars, ready to dust off and renew this mid century beauty to fit our family’s lifestyle. To date, we’ve replaced all floors, moved bathrooms, renovated kitchens, painted thousands of square feet of walls, ceilings, trim, and doors. We’ve knocked down some walls and added some doors, as well as tried adding some wallpaper designs that didn’t work.

Because our family moved around a lot, I found each house to have a slightly different design style. Some of this is credited to the house. For example, our last Victorian is past poetry with a number of modern elements, creating a delightful juxtaposition of the two styles. I’ve always been attracted to colors and patterns, which can be a reflection of my extrovert personality. The detailed craftsmanship of antiques leaves me feeling limp – perhaps my need for lasting stability?

Describe how your Mid Century house is styled

As I get older, I’m more comfortable with neutral ones. This house was designed with three children and pets. We start by selecting non-movable parts (floors, walls, fixtures) to have a durable, neutral base. From there, we’ve overlaid color and texture on top. So, when did the puppy break the rug? Not a big problem. Oak flooring is still a great base and ready for whichever style rug we choose. My mother-in-law likes to pant on the wall? Take. I will find another gem on the Facebook market. It’s a kind of fickle design mentality.

What’s your favorite room and why?

Living room, for one simple reason. Natural light. Large windows open out to the courtyard, lake and nature. The rooms are large, imitating the feeling of being outside the room. This room is truly an implementation of my style. Gray walls, neutral furniture stacked with colorful art, interesting finds, plants and – of course – pillows.

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) For your home?

Paper Gun Peacock Wallpaper. One of the bathrooms features a 1950’s seafoam-green wall tile. It is beautiful and in accordance with the times of the house, but it needs additional elements to stand out. When I found their peacock wallpaper blushing, it was perfect.

Any suggestions for making a house that you like?

This little lake house is our fifth home in the last 10 years, all of which we live in and have undergone major renovations. In previous years, I preferred form over function, which meant, “I know this chair is uncomfortable, but its pretty silhouette makes up for this discomfort.” Now, my suggestion is to carefully consider the functionality of your design choice. Because of its beauty, if your open concept island doesn’t hide your stack of Tupperware, its form and function will be lost.

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