Apartment Design Ideas – There’s Always Room For All

Apartment design ideas – family friendly rooms can be created in many ways. If you have a large family that seems to grow considerably during the year, you might want to think about the possibility of shared living and double or triple bedrooms that can be made adaptable to your family’s needs. One way of creating this kind of space is by having your bedroom as a sort of ‘family room‘ and then inviting family and friends to spend time in this space when they come over for visits. If you have a larger family, you could even divide this space into a smaller living area and then turn this into a family centre where you could hold dinners, parties and social gatherings.

A family of 3 generations consisting of grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and two twin granddaughters live in the same small apartment. Of course it will be a challenge in itself. But with clever spatial planning and furniture choices, they can enjoy being together while still making sure everyone has their own private area. Come on in and see how this family creates a home that feels comfortable and harmonious.

Small Apartment Ideas

This 200 m2 house has an open plan plan with a living room, dining room and kitchen combined. Each room is specially designed so that they can enjoy their time together, and the living room is the main area where all family members get together and share – share stories, share meals, or share a sofa to watch a movie. But there is also always a place for each family member to do his own personal activities.

Relaxing area for all

Use a large and comfortable sofa to gather and relax together. Choose a durable sofa with a leather material that is easy to care for and clean. You don’t need to worry when your child accidentally spills food or drink on the sofa. To add to the comfort of each family member, also add an armchair and child chair for extra seating, the kids can have their own favorite chair.

Versatile open space divider

You can divide the family room and dining room without closing the room by using a multipurpose shelf. Save a variety of objects that can help with daily activities and display various collections of family favorites. With flexible and adjustable drawer modules, this shelf can be used to meet any need.

Quality time for togetherness

A large dining table that can be extended will be very useful for all family activities, especially when eating together. This table is also used for working, studying and sharing stories. Place serving utensils in a cabinet close to the dining table for easy access and use. Take advantage of the extra bench when needed.

Ease of order

A neat and orderly kitchen will feel comfortable and facilitate daily cooking activities. With a kitchen island, you can prepare dishes while watching the children play, or chat with other family members.

A safe fun zone to play in

Make sure children can move and play comfortably in all areas of the house. Create interesting corners that are fun and safe, and place furniture that the child can easily reach to help them learn more independently.

Sustainable living starts at home

Creating a sustainable apartment living can be done from the smallest things in the house. Complete the waste sorting bin with a label so that the whole family can easily use it. Encourage the children to reduce waste by reusing used materials to be creative. You can also plant herbs and spices close to the kitchen, so you can use them easily when needed.

Floor plan

You will find lots of ideas for your apartment furniture if you take the time to browse the catalog or browse your trusted online shopping sites. Or just take a walk through the local shops around you. You will get furniture that is similar or in accordance with what you want. Or if you want to follow me, I’ll take you to my subscription site which you definitely won’t miss.

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