Bathroom renovation from Mid-Century style and makes it modern look

A bathroom renovation will almost always include a new dressing table or other storage option. Bathroom cabinets are a critical choice when planning and designing a bathroom renovation.

In terms of the total budget for renovating your bathroom, cabinets are relatively small items. The cost of your dressing table or wardrobe of choice will likely not break the budget. Your choices regarding storage, however, have very important implications for space.

The smaller the room, the more important the size of the fixtures and cabinets. All bathroom renovations involve a choice between storage requirements and the space available.

60th century bathroom renovation

If you have an older home and want to keep it up to today’s standards, you may need to do some very creative thinking and planning. Unless you have a much older home designed with large bathrooms, you’re probably dealing with a lot less bathroom space than most buyers today want. You may add to enlarge the bathroom or you may make choices that allow you to maximize every inch of available space.

Renovating an old house can sometimes have a jumbled design style as renewal is done gradually over the years. That’s what happens in Jess Bond’s (The Bond House) bathroom, which is partially an original 1962 home – but also partially refurbished in the 90’s that includes vinyl flooring, floral shower tiles and gloomy yellow bathtub inserts.

This is the Jess family’s main bathroom before it was renovated. With a total used cost of $ 2200, They wanted to maximize the space on a budget and refresh the overall feel.

Their goals for renovating the bathroom are: making cosmetic updates, trying to fit a double vanity to make the bathroom more functional, increasing storage space, and doing it all yourself on a budget.

Renovating vanities and tubs

Jess and her husband worked together renovating their own bathroom with the help of Jess’s father-in-law. Start by tearing up old vinyl floors, choosing to replace them with engineered hardwoods. That means the transition from the hallway to the bathroom is completely seamless – and because the floors are waterproof, they don’t worry about water damage.

For Vanity, as they wish to use a double vanity. Then install a floating dressing table with a gap under the cabinet leaving space underneath for toilet paper.

For added warmth and character, Jess and her husband covered old drywall with panels. And to replace the old tub insert, Jess applied it over the original tub. Because the shape of the tub is original from the 60’s and still seems to be in good condition. “Restoring the original tub felt like such a win!” Jess said.

Give your old bathroom a completely fresh look and feel and it doesn’t take long. Jess says “By handling all of the labor ourselves and taking a moderate approach with our design choices we were able to keep this update affordable but also high impact.”

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