Bathroom Renovation – Geometric Tiles, Floral Wallpaper, Green Dressing Table

Most people prefer DIY style for their bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovation DIY is a good option if you enjoy learning new things, have patience and willing to get your hands dirty. This is also a cost effective method to beautify your bathroom.

Bathroom renovation DIY is definitely a cost saving and a satisfying process, but should you DIY? Most people DIY project management, color selection, demolition and remove and repair most fittings like hooks and towel rails.

Easy renovation for your boring bathroom

For fundamental laborers, home has been a position of solace, a spot to rest and re-energize for the following day’s worth of effort all through the pandemic. DIYer Hana Sethi of Hana’s Happy Home‘s brother, Neal, is an essential worker “who has tirelessly worked with COVID patients over the last year,” she says. To thank him for keeping the community safe throughout the pandemic, she decided to take on a special DIY project for him.

Between Neal’s work requests, his 38-weeks-pregnant spouse, Asma, and their two youthful little girls, the family had too much going on. Hana chose to help them take on a bathroom renovation that would make things simpler for the entire family.

Bathroom before renovation

Hana’s two nieces’ bathroom before was beige and blah. It “lacked character,” Hana says. “These two lovely little girls need a beautiful space they can grow into.”

Their vision for the space incorporated an emerald vanity and bright, flower backdrop, in addition to new tile to add surface and premium to the space. This would require gutting the whole bathroom, which Hana was ready for — yet seemingly a clear bathroom renovation immediately turned out to be more convoluted.

“We had a really hard time removing the vanity as the plumbing came out through the floor, not the wall as we saw in every YouTube video,” Hana says. Besides, when they eliminated the old tiles, they were amazed to track down an extra layer of cement. They required a drill to get right to the subflooring.

The development hindrances — in addition to a COVID alarm with times of separation and testing — made the venture most recent a month and a half.

“Anticipate that there will be things you just don’t know how to do, but with some creative problem solving, you can figure it out,” Hana says. “I’m shocked we didn’t need to hire a professional.” She’s most proud of the way her family worked together to get the job done.


Hana, Neal, their mother, and Asma had everyone available and jumping into action to finish the task. “My pregnant sister-in-law was on the floor tiling the whole way through,” Hana says. “She’s a champ!” The tiles — a mathematical floor mosaic on the floors, a shiny field tile in the shower, and a white marble hex decision on the dividers — merited the difficult work.

Hana’s tip for working with hexagonal tiles? Record for additional time it takes to grout around each of the six edges. One of Hana’s #1 highlights is that the new floors are warmed, ideal for strolling on when first awakening on cool, Canadian winter mornings. “That’s such a nice perk,” Hana says.

She likewise cherishes the strip and-stick botanical backdrop, and here, once more, Hana has accommodating guidance for future DIYers. At the point when she was perusing backdrop on the web, she discovered an example she cherished yet figured a bigger scope would better suit the size of the bathroom, so she informed the craftsman to check whether it very well may be exploded.

“I was nervous asking her because she is an artist, and I would be asking her to modify a piece of art,” Hana composed on her blog, yet the fashioner, Karolina, was benevolent and glad to oblige the solicitation. Two or three days and cycles, Karolina made the ideal backdrop for Hana. The exercise: Don’t quickly check out your number one designed backdrop if its scale isn’t exactly the thing you’re searching for.

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“It is easy to message artists through Spoonflower’s mail system,” Hana said on her blog. “I just clicked on her name and drafted my message.” thus, she has a delightful, redid divider covering that can develop with the young ladies.

The wallpaper in addition to the tiles make the bathroom showstopping and fun, Hana says. What’s more, the new vanity adds storage that wasn’t there previously. With last little details like a gold-outlined mirror, new gold and glass-globed lighting, and hanging plants, the bathroom is both more glitzy and more useful for Hana’s dedicated (and developing!) more distant family.

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