Bright Hallways – How to Create a Touch of Elegance by Using Storage

If you are looking for bright and attractive hallways then you definitely have to give attention to the storage aspect of them. Storage is an important aspect of creating an attractive hallway and it can even be considered a necessary part of the process of building a beautiful home.

Bright hallways that can lift the mood

Good lighting, special storage for each family member and a cabinet in bright red can create a warm and welcoming hallways that will look delightful when you return home.

Bright hallways that can lift the mood

IVAR is customizable, making it a perfect shelf unit for all types of spaces, such as your aisle. The red color with steel on the cabinets and drawers will add a fresh impression while offering ample storage for each family member.

IVAR offers smart storage rack ideas and a variety of different types of storage, such as wardrobes! Customize with the help of clothes hangers, and wire racks to suit your needs and roll up the cream colored covers when you want a tidier look.

Multifunctional cabinet for all the family in red that brightens up the room

Dedicate storage for each family member by writing names on paper and attaching them to magnetic clips. KUNGSFORS can also be used on the inside of IVAR steel doors, perfect for small items that are often lost.

Store your seasonal clothes to keep them clean with the help of a storage box that has a ventilation net – LACKISAR allows air to circulate while keeping your storage dust free.

Store your seasonal clothes in a closed storage bag

Make sure the shoes, jackets and accessories that each family member uses are placed close to the entrance for quick access when it’s time to leave the house – the option of using open shoe racks and shelves with knobs is a smart, practical take-and-go solution!

Shoe Rack

Also opens up the storage area for the shoe rack and hooks, so you can easily reach what you are currently wearing

Shoe racks are an essential for every shoe lover who wants to store their shoes and to keep it neatly organized. These two types of racks are different from one another in a number of ways. For example, a closed shoe rack will keep your shoes neatly stored and out of sight to a shoe rack with open cabinets will allow more light to filter into the room and allow you to see what is in your shoes.

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