Brings Inspiring Childhood Home Decor To The Apartment

You are planning to move into a new apartment. Decorating your apartment can be a fun job as long as you plan it well. Living away from home and parents to work or school, may make you miss your home situation. It doesn’t hurt for you to add a touch of decorating your home to the apartment. Here are some apartment decorating tips that might inspire you in determining what decorations you will use.

This is the apartment of sisters in London

Sarah Stemp and her younger sister, Caroline, run their design company, Sascal Studio, from their London apartment on a custom-made table for two. Inspired by antique spindle furniture but lit by raffia lighting, this workspace perfectly embodies the siblings’ old and new aesthetics. Thanks to a series of recent upgrades influenced by their childhood, the rest of the Victorian house has followed suit.

It’s surprising how easy it is to give an apartment room a distinctive touch: Each sister collects a mood board for a room, then they swap and edit the rest until they both feel that they are equally represented by the design. “It took a few attempts to get just right, but we got there in the end,” Sarah said.

Living Room

There is nothing to compromise when choosing a color scheme for a living room. The pink sofa bed and an equally festive backdrop are the realization of a childhood dream together. “Growing up, we knew we wanted to live on our own together one day, and we always talked about our future place having a soft pink room. Clearly that never changed,” Sarah said with a smile.


Before settling in London, their parents lived in New York and Tokyo, and they used souvenirs for decoration. inspired by the past, Breaks the Blush on Bonanza is an art collection that stretches down the hallway next door. It’s a great mix of genres. “They used their souvenirs to decorate, which made our childhood home feel really soulful,” explains Sarah.


When it comes time to dress up their respective bedrooms, the ladies go astray – with a few caveats so the two spaces will feel cohesive: They will both put up the same sisal rugs as in the corridor and stick to the colors found in nature.

Antique linens, pumpkin spices and enveloping green walls make for the convenience of a busy street outside Sarah’s window. He took the brush for another touch. Her DIY marble headboard uses leftover samples, while her wardrobe is covered in handmade plaid wallpaper. “It took us a solid week to watercolor the whole thing,” Sarah said of the latter. “It’s a wink to this incredible black-and-white checkerboard couch our parents had when we were kids”

Their parents statement couch sits against a striking yellow wall, where Caroline nods in her bedroom with a little help from Farrow & Ball. She doubled the sentimentality by pairing William Morris’s headboard with a gingham pillow that mimicked the curtains once hung in the family kitchen.


In their cooking room, a small wall clock sits between fresh mint cabinets and retro bamboo shelves, another example of designer flair for making a style feel melodious. Father and Mother taught them well.

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