Calm And Pleasant Setting Of A Town Home

Make your home a place for rest and renewal. Take inspiration from this town home where the owner used colors and arrangements to create a calm and pleasant space.

Living room with blue sofas and wicker furniture

Simplify your space

Streamline your home to give yourself some head room to focus and relax. Consistent color schemes flow throughout this apartment, centered around soothing blues. The main living area is decorated with soft textiles and natural materials that help it maintain inner calm, and the layout focuses around the center of the room.

Blue sofa with sheepskin rug and blue cushions

Sheepskin and blue cushions on the wicker rocking chair

Minimalist decor with mirror and sideboard

Blue vase on wooden sideboard

Surrounding yourself with the people you love is a great way to relax. But it’s also important to have time alone – the home is your own community

Open your house

Embrace the open layout for a flowing life, where one activity flows to the next and you can be together while doing different things. It does not require a different place, the table where you eat can be used as the center of all activities, from work, play, and the kitchen.

White dining room with wooden chairs, and large Swiss plants

Create a nutritious kitchen

Mixed storage and accessible work space makes it easy for your kitchen to flex and stretch between everyday use for you and your child for example, and times when a group of friends comes – ‘then there are plenty of them here cooking together. It looks like chaos, but with adequate setup, you’ll love it. ‘Trying to eat as often as possible. “I think it’s important to learn to prepare your own food. If you at least try, you won’t fail.”

White kitchen with wooden work table and shelves

Remove your bedroom

Make your bedroom a calm and quiet place to rest, with colors and textures that soothe you. When it comes to the bedroom. You can keep the bedroom simple with a soft textile lining in natural shades and lots of houseplants to help clear the air. And leave a large portion of the wall clean, to minimize distraction.

A bed with upholstered bedding in natural colors

Find peace regularly

Use storage and organization to help you feel more relaxed and in control. Just knowing where to find things can contribute to your sense of well-being every day. By storing your clothes on the open rail to help the mornings run more smoothly, as well as to personalize their space and show their identity. Being able to see everything they have means they don’t depend on chaos.

Clothes stored on open rails

Spare your time

Try using your breaks for physical relaxation. When you can’t sleep at night, you can calm down with yoga. Starting each day with meditation on the balcony, and taking advantage of the quiet moments during the day can help solve problems in your head, calm down, and start the day right.

Rugs, throws, plants and crates on the balcony

A corner of calm in the city

How do you find serenity in an urban environment?
With you is someone who sees everything, every day. When you go to town, you see every little detail and everything can buzz around your brain, so when you come home, you need a ritual to help you be yourself again, and feel centered.

How does having an organized home support your well-being?
Not being a tidy person is not a problem. Maybe you just need a little encouragement to do it. With the right settings, it will be easier for you to find everything quickly. It will also help ease your work, even if you are in a small, but well-organized town home. Structure and order help you to keep your mind clear.

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