Cheap Decorating Tips With The Accessories Your Patio Needs

If you are someone who enjoys spending time outdoors in the summer on your patio, you will want to make sure to put the accessories in properly. Although there are definitely a lot of things that could be put into this area of ​​the house. These are just a few of the accessories you can put on your patio but there are many more options available. By having a patio with good accessories, you will find that you enjoy it often throughout the year.

Whatever your outdoor retreat – balcony, patio, deck, or small patch of grass – is sure to be the hottest club of 2021 to meet friends, watch the stars, watch the sunset, or sip a cup of coffee before starting a busy day.

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But just because you’re on the outside doesn’t mean you have to lack personality. Your balcony or patio can – and should – be as stylish and functional as any other room in your home. And the best part? You don’t have to spend a fortune on scamming your outdoor space.

With accessories, you can easily (and cheap!) Tidy up a basic table and chair set or some used patio furniture you’ll find on the Facebook Marketplace. Soon, your terrace, balcony, or whatever else you have will become your hangout and the envy of all your neighbors. Here are a few that you should consider including because of the benefits they provide.

Throw Pillows

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If your patio furniture is neutral, simple, or frankly has just seen better days, you can beautify the view and make your seat more comfortable with soft, budget-friendly cushions.

“If you’re not sure what colors to use, use decorations in your home as a template, then take the colors outside,” says Glover. “This method also facilitates the visual transition from inside the house to outside the house.”


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Even if your balcony or patio color palette is mostly neutral, add a pop of color (and a little life!) With a few potted plants.

“Adding greenery brings life to a boring area and turns your patio into an oasis of nature,” says Glover. “In my opinion, you can never have too many plants. Get wild! “

And if you don’t have a green thumb, consider adding a large planter yourself, no plants – this will create a big, bold, instant “wow” factor, says Glover.

Candles and Lanterns

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You may have some kind of wall-mounted or overhead lighting in your outdoor space. However this lighting is often harsh and usually doesn’t create the warm, pleasant atmosphere you want on your patio or deck. Put in candles and lanterns, which can add a soft glow in the dark.

“I like to make a table centerpiece with several lanterns at various heights or just have one large ceramic candle holder,” says Glover. “You can use a battery-operated candle, but I like lemongrass candles because they provide the right amount of light and help keep insects away.”

Area Rugs

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Think rugs are just for indoor space? Think again. A rug can make a cold, hard concrete patio or a rough wooden deck feel cozy and soft. Because who has time for shoes when you enjoy sunny weather?

“Finding an indoor / outdoor rug with a poppy pattern or a color to mark the space,” says Leah Gomberg, owner of home owner Sweet Life by Design. “The great thing about indoor / outdoor rugs is that they are completely washable – like with a hose and soap – and if the ones you find are a little worn, no problem, you’ll coat them with more cool stuff and distract from each other. ragged areas or imperfections. “

Unique Ending Tables

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If you’re spending time on deck, chances are you’re also eating and drinking – morning coffee alone, sparkling, refreshing cocktails with friends, maybe even a full barbecue. In that case, make sure you have plenty of tables for people to place their drinks or plates. Look for different materials, patterns and sizes, and don’t be afraid to customize them, says Gomberg.

“Try yard sales to find cute glass tables and chairs,” he said. “You can always paint it – just remove any rust or peeling paint first.”

DIY decoration

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Ultimately, your outer space is like your indoor space: It is a reflection of you. Go ahead and get creative with your outdoor accessories. Make fun weekend projects from repurposing decorations or second-hand items, says Gomberg.

Empty glass bottles make cute DIY light fixtures when you plug in a series of tiny battery-operated lights. If you have an old wooden ladder, you can add a wooden or metal shelf to each rung and use it as a functional plant stand.

“Layer a variety of plant styles on your awesome homemade shelf and it will double as a barrier between your piece of heaven and your neighbor’s place,” says Gomberg.

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