Create a Multifunction Rooms From 10×10 Feet Room

Multifunction Rooms Fits in a Gym, Office, and More

Since Covid hit, of course, many adjustments have occurred in everyday life. Previously, in the morning we would have been preoccupied with all the preparations for the normal days of going to work, to school, to the market, to exercise or other activities outside the home. At present, after all this time this pandemic has been running and our daily activities have not yet shown a normal point, all activities in the house are still continuing. Like Katherine Thewlis’s (Haus Matter) house, she is a designer and needs space to meet her clients. By utilizing a small room measuring 10 x 10 feet which was previously an additional room, it can create a multifunction rooms for many activities such as Zoom calls, a gym, and a homeschool room.


The first thing to do is replace the popcorn ceiling so that the space appears taller and wider. Paint it the same color (Katherine uses light gray) on the walls and the photo frame and trim. It also added an IKEA KALLAX storage shelf under the window for any kind of storage needed. For games, crafts, work, and school, there is an antique round table in the center of the room.


At first she considered the two back to front desks, but in the end she chose the round table, and saw how surprised she was. “It’s unexpected and totally functional. I just love the coziness of a round table – it practically forces all who sit around it to connect!” said Katherine. Table from 1907 with its unique design and Katherine loved it.

To save more space she chose to use an ottoman instead of a chair. “They take up less space visually, and have lots of storage capacity. It’s a win-win!” said Katherine. One ottoman keeps magazines and the other keeps her daughter’s craft supplies at her disposal.

What’s behind the folding velvet screen?

Gym room! Yes. Is it that narrow? Katherine put her foldable treadmill behind the door when not in use. And that velvet screen gives a look to the background when she makes Zoom calls.

Katherine decorated the inside of the room’s one-of-a-kind cabinet with black and brown wallpaper from Spoonflower, giving the multifunction rooms much-needed oomph. The set of drawers in it holds her design materials, and she also added a sconce on the wall for better lighting.

Katherine uses each wall to lay out the art she loves. Apart from that she also had a memo board for her and her daughter, which she planned partly for herself. “Right now, it’s filled with interior design ideas and a few keepsakes, but I plan to devote half of it just for me. It’s a place I’ll tack things that inspire, uplift me and pin destinations I want to visit in the future. “

“I am very happy with the final result of this room because it is a space that can be used by our whole family,” said Katherine. For others trying to figure out ways to make their multifunction rooms more practical, Katherine has a few suggestions: “Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – if there’s a will, there’s a way!”

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