Different Types Of Unique Lamps And Lighting Ideas

It is not that hard to find unique lamps and lighting ideas for your home, there are so many out there that you can be spoiled for choice. You need to consider exactly how much light you need in each room of the house, what type of lighting would suit the atmosphere and make it comfortable to spend time in. These are all important decisions before buying any type of lamp or lighting product.

When you go shopping for these products you will be faced with many choices, you can choose between modern lamps that have an ornamental design to them, modern styled lamps, old world lamps, contemporary lamps and recessed lighting ideas, which is wonderful for use in the living room or the bedroom, where you want a beautiful effect, yet don’t want the room cluttered. Whatever type of lamp you decide on there are also many different types of base styles, such as metal and brass, wrought iron and cast aluminum, these are just some of the most common ones on the market. So, whether you are after some dramatic effects or you want to create a warm relaxing environment that you can come home to every night, it can be done. The choice is all up to you and your style!

Functional and Collectible Unique Lamps

Evocative stained glass pendant light, with a pyramid silhouette that infuses your modern space with a luxuriously retro feel.

Boho-inspired macramé pendant light. Features a drum shade with intricate knotting flanked in long fringed trim along the bottom edge.

Bohemian-inspired, Featuring a caged shape with strips of bamboo tapered around structural pieces.

Long macramé pendant light shade featuring interior ring support framing along the boho-inspired knotting.

Featuring a teardrop-shaped glass base, topped by a wavy strand rattan shade.

Caged lantern-inspired table lamp that lends your space a boho glow. Cylindrical shaping tops a round wooden base.

A cylindrical ceramic table lamp decorated with moon phase cutouts that sends beams of incandescent light throughout your space.

A lit place of luminous ceramic wax mounted to the wall with a shape-shaped notch around it.

High polyester woven color is supported by rattan frame. Compatible with compact fluorescent lamps.

Made of geometric strands of rattan woven together in domed shades, this chandelier sends bright light throughout your room in a modern-bohemian design.

Shaded round with rows of woven, threads wrapped in geometric patterns that shine so perfectly.

This chandelier sends bright lights throughout your room with a unique bohemian design

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It is great having this range of products available at such reasonable prices and they all look amazing. The prices do vary slightly from store to store but usually you can find exactly what you are looking for.

You don’t have to choose just one unique lighting idea; use a combination of lights to create a beautiful space. Use a combination of lamps, chandeliers and under-cabinet lights to create a stunning space. From subtle ambient lighting to dramatic effects, there are hundreds of different lighting fixtures that can help you achieve unique lighting ideas in any room of your home. Find at Urban Outfitters

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