Inspiration For A Small Home With Country Style Cottage

Does your interior decorating dream include an informal and relaxing space with comfortable furnishings, accessories that represent the past, and nuances of nature? Then you will surely love the appeal of country style cottage decor. You’ll learn more about the basic characteristics common to these decorating styles in interior decorating tips to follow.

The furniture for the country style cottage is made of what we would call relaxing wood. These woods include wicker, rustic oak, and pine which are often weighed down or painted. The furniture also includes comfortable upholstered sections that usually have clean, plain lines. Flower prints are quite often used for coating in the style of cottage decor.

Country Style Cottage Inspiration

Living room decorated in rustic style

One-Room Living

Dining table, wardrobe and sofa in neutral colors

If one room should function as three rooms, use your furniture to define the area. By using a medium sized cupboard in your living room as a pantry, make it truly part of the kitchen or dining room. Having a sofa away from the wall creates a kind of hallway that limits space.

Jars and utensils are stored in the cupboard

Plants were displayed on the wall shelf of the doll house from IKEA

Armchair with cushions, cushions and lamps

Mixed Open And Closed Storage

Small kitchen with open shelves above the kitchen table

Choose to use open shelves for your small kitchen. Because using the upper cabinets might look too heavy. Then cover the fridge with a curtain so as not to spoil the rustic look. And add a half-high wall to create an extra U-shaped kitchen and worktop.

Make Room For Your Interests

White home office with office table and chairs

Rethink the purpose of the room. Most people say a spare bedroom should be a walk-in wardrobe, but if you prefer crafts over clothes. You’d love to make it yourself! By learning this handicraft means downstairs just to relax.

A Wall Mounted Paper Rolls With Notes

Clipboard with textile clippings and samples

Shelf unit containing books and paper.

Create A Quiet Bedroom

A serene bedroom in neutral colors

Keep your bedroom simple. Downstairs you should be able to do lots of different things, but this nice and simple bedroom will just be your bedroom. Focus on making it look really cozy and calm, with a blanket, a little greenery, and low lighting.

Another Decoration Idea For A Country Style Cottage

Country and cottage style decor uses natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and simple self-woven fabrics. For a cottage style room, combine floral chintz, embroidered linen and sharp lines and plaid for slip covers, pillowcases, window treatments and pillows. Casual embellishments, such as buttons, fringe, piping, and soft folds add to the feeling of comfort without being overwhelming.

Red, white and blue and bright yellow and spring green are the hallmarks of rustic decor. Cottage-style decor uses pastel colors which may include pinks, soft reds, purples, soft blues and soft yellows and greens.

Natural wood or painted wood floors are the perfect companions for country style cottages and rooms. Wicker rugs or area rugs add color, tone and warmth.

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