Kitchen Wall Shelf – Why Use Them?

Kitchen Wall Shelf give you lots of kitchen storage possibilities, while simultaneously allowing you to spice up your kitchen with a touch of flair. Simply hang some spice pots, place an ornately designed teacup hanging cup holder in the wall, and you will double up on style and convenience. You can even have a special display rack hanging in the wall that shows off all your dishes and utensils.

If you happen to be short on space in your kitchen, you can always use hanging baskets instead of wall shelf. And, if you are looking for something a little more elaborate and elegant, you can install a wooden Kitchen wall rack drying rack, which offers a great deal of protection against scratches from knives and other utensils.

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Kitchen Wall Shelf Storage Rack Basket Wall Hanging Rack

Wicker, Mimbre, Osier & Plastic, Stainless Steel

Hanging Basket Wicker and Stainess Steel – No tools required, no drilling required; just place it on a smooth, flat surface and apply pressure.

BOTKYRKA – Wall shelf, white80x20 cm

BOTKYRKA – The wall shelf makes it easy for you to see and reach the things you use every day. You can add a personal touch to your kitchen by displaying your cookery books, collections or other decorative objects.

TORNVIKEN- Wall shelf, off-white60x100 cm

TORNVIKEN – Wall shelf, off-white50 cm

The TORNVIKEN series is ideal when you need more workspace, more storage ‒ more kitchen. Combine a kitchen island with shelves to create a rustic kitchen where you can cook together. Everyone can fit! The wall shelf makes it easy for you to see and reach the things you use every day.

VADHOLMA – Wall shelf, black

VADHOLMA – With solid beech wood material makes it easy to care only wipe clean with dry cloth or if necessary can be with a clean wipe with a soft cloth moistened with water and detergent or non-abrasive soft soap.

Plate rack with shelves, handmade, kitchen storage, wooden plate rack

Handmade wooden plate rack, made from reclaimed timber, complete with shelves and freestanding. A great storage solution for your kitchen…rustic yet totally functional.

Which one would you choose?

Kitchen storage racks come in different sizes. Some are fixed to the wall, meaning that they hang directly from the ceiling or floor. These are a good choice for larger appliances and for spaces where there are not a lot of wall spaces. However, if you do want to save some space in your kitchen, consider a wall mounted model instead of a fixed kitchen shelf. A fixed kitchen shelf allows you to store other items in a corner of your room. This would not make any sense if you were to have a large appliance hanging over the counter.

When considering the type of shelf to buy, consider your personal taste and the theme of your kitchen. If your theme is contemporary, you can opt for sleek stainless steel, which can be easily cleaned with soap and water. And, of course, choose a kitchen wall rack drying rack based on your needs and budget. May this article help you…

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