Kura Bed – Children’s Room Where Imagination Never Ends

A mountaineer, bus driver, gymnast, or hot air balloon pilot… whatever the fantasy, this room supports your child’s journey. And when night falls, a reversible Kura bed is available for a good night’s sleep with many adventure dreams.

The reversible KURA bed stands in the kid’s room with a view of the mountains painted on the wall as well as lots of toys everywhere.

Comfortable sleeping corner

The Kura bed grows with your child because it is reversible – it can be a low bed that is safe for small children, or a loft bed with a comfortable play area and reading corner underneath.

White and pine Kura folding bed with colorful linen and pillow holders in the child’s bedroom.

Prepare easily

Teach your child to keep their wardrobe neatly organized with the help of different sized boxes with compartments so that they can keep their clothes tidy and quickly find what they are looking for.

A white wardrobe with children’s clothes arranged neatly in it stood beside the bed

Sail on a soft play surface

A comfortable rug to walk on and sit on is also wide enough for friends to come to play with.

A large boat rug was located near the bed. Toys including a wooden train set have been placed on the rug.

Sorting is fun

Make cleaning the room an easy task with a low, easy-to-reach storage box that helps divide up various toys and hobbies.

A children’s room with a mountain view painted on the wall with toys and lots of TROFAST storage in front of it.

Help the children find bedtime stories

You can make sleeping more enjoyable by embracing adventure stories to read together. Stores like wall storage and book displays allow your child to see book covers, so making it easy for them to find their favorites.

FLISAT wall storage and book display holds books and toys in your child’s room.

By : Ikea
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