Large Living Room Design For Big Family

A Living Room is one of the most important rooms in a home because it is where people relax and socialize with others. The living room is also where people watch television, have meals, or have friends over to watch a movie. If you live with a big family or are planning to buy a home with big families, it is very important to make sure that the design of your living room is going to be large enough so that everyone can feel comfortable.

The superhero living room for the big family

Here’s a living room that suits all family members, whether they want to play, study, or relax together. And in a few simple steps, it transforms into a spacious sleeping area for the parents (and the little ones that sneak in at night!).

A throw turns sitting into snoozing

A living room during the day, a bedroom during the night – when you are a big family it’s great having a double-duty room for the parents, and the throw that is a stylish addition to the sofa turns into some extra warmth when it’s time to sleep.

Mobile side table frees up your space

A side table on casters is a smart solution when you have a living room that needs to fit many people, and that also has to turn into a bedroom during nighttime – move TINGBY side table as often as you like!

LED lighting for work and play

Studying or playing with makeup by your desk needs good lighting for the best conditions (and results!) – install OMLOPP LED worktop lighting on the underside of the shelf for even light.

Adjustable shelves for the whole family

Many family members equal a lot of things to store. BILLY bookcases have adjustable shelves, so it’s easy to create the perfect solution for your home. Dedicate the lower shelves for the younger family members, so they have easy access to their books and toys.

Kids’ tent that’s a room in a room

More family members also mean more wills – some want to sit back and relax after a day’s work, and some want to play until it’s time for bed. CIRKUSTÄLT child’s tent is a playful “room in a room” where your kids can play or snuggle while you keep a safe eye on them from the sofa.

You also need to consider the amount of storage space that you have. When designing a living room, you will have many different storage areas that you can use for the big family size. One of the best ways to keep the space organized is to have a closet that can be locked so that you are able to put items away. You may also want to consider having an open wall design so that you can easily see the television.


TINGBY – Side Table On Casters White

SVALSTA – Nesting Tables Set Of 2 Birch Veneer

BILLY – Bookcase White

FRIHETEN – Sleeper Sectional 3 Seat W Storage Skiftebo Blue

STOCKHOLM – 2017 Rug Flatwoven Handmade Stripe Red

CIRKUSTÄLT – Children’s tent

Living Room


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