Minimalist Bathroom Design With Maximum Storage

Today, most people live in the heart of the city, and as a result most of them have a small bathroom in their home. However, don’t let this deter you from creating a stylish space. There are many bathroom accessories that can help you create a nice and minimalist design for your bathroom theme. There are many accessories such as tiles, sinks, vanities and storage cabinets to make your bathroom more luxurious and spacious than it really is.

In achieving a minimalist bathroom theme or any type of theme, one must choose a theme that matches the feel of your home. Having a contrasting theme around the house is not a good idea. So in any type of renovation, you must plan ahead and stick to your itinerary.

Minimalist design with maximum storage

A large storage area hidden behind a mirror door – this is where a minimalist bathroom with maximum functionality resides.

A bathroom with dark gray bathroom furnishings, a cabinet with mirrored doors, a gray-green trolley and a dark brown doormat.

This sink counter has enough open storage to keep things tidy while ensuring they stay within reach.

A dark gray or white sink, a towel and a dark brown doormat and a gray-green trolley.

A high cabinet can store a lot of things without requiring a lot of space in the bathroom.

High cabinet in dark gray color. a round mirror with extendable arms, chrome effect knobs and a dark gray countertop.

GODMORGON is a special series from IKEA for organizing items big and small in your home.

An open high cabinet with dark gray towels, see-through boxes, jars and blue baskets on the shelves and a mirror on the side.

The FRÄCK bathroom mirror has extendable arms so you can pull it off when you apply makeup (and push it back easily when done!).

A mirror with an extension arm that’s pulled out over a sink cabinet, a cabinet with mirror door and a gray-green trolley.

A few knobs can optimize the function of an unused bathroom wall and make it the perfect area for your accessories.

A sink cabinet and sink in dark gray or white, a dark gray high cabinet and five wall-mounted knobs in chrome effect.

Create a large space in your small bathroom. Various furniture that is suitable for your bathroom is available out there. Decide what you want to put in your bathroom, and then get the look of your minimalist bathroom.

By : Ikea


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