Minimalist Luxury in a Small and Stylish Bedroom

If you are searching for a stylish, minimalist luxury in a small and intimate bedroom, then you are not alone! There are many who are searching for a minimalist look and style in their bedrooms and have decided to get rid of their other furnishings and decorating ideas and get to a more minimalist and simple look.

Smaller bedrooms are becoming more popular and they provide many advantages over larger rooms. Some of these advantages include privacy, light, and a spacer feel to the bedroom. The downside to this type of design is that it does not allow room for pets, cleaning and remodeling. This is not a good idea if you are going for this style. It will also make a smaller room feel like a smaller room. However, if your bedroom has plenty of room it makes a great look for a minimalist luxury.

Go natural

Use natural materials to add warmth to a minimalist palette. Blending bamboo, rattan, linen and cotton in natural shades, the wall-mounted EKET storage acts as a space-saving bedside table. Using the KNIXHULT pendant lamp you can find at IKEA, it provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere, without taking up space at the ‘table’.

Bamboo lamp hangs low over the bed and rectangular storage area to store books and accessories and your reading glasses.

Be smart with space

Choosing a bed frame with a clean and minimalist design and adding a storage box under the bed makes the most of the floor space by a large bed, with a braided rattan box to match the natural look of the room. It has a lid, so your out-of-season clothes will remain dust-free and ready to wear.

A bed with gray and white bedding and a rattan storage box

Double-duty drawers

Add style to the storage unit. Place two chest of drawers side by side to provide plenty of storage for the couple, but also create a lovely display area for plants and books. Hanging a poster gallery on the upper wall with a few additional lights can maintain a sense of space and lighting.

A gallery of black and white pictures on a wall above two white drawer

Smart corner

Turn a wasted bedroom corner into a dressing room. Adding a NISSEDAL Mirror is practical, but also reflects light around the room to make it feel bigger than it really is. The NILSOVE rattan chair gives you a place to sit and read a magazine for inspiration.

Full length mirror on gray wall and rattan chair next to it

Stylish storage

Use wall storage to maximize small space. By adding hooks made of bamboo, SKUGGIS hooks are a great way to save floor space without destroying the appearance of the room. Also add a wicker basket so you can store accessories right next to the clothes you pick for the next day.

Clothes and a basket hanging on wooden hooks on a gray wall

The use of white or pastel colored towels is another way to create a minimalistic look. A great idea for a bedding set would be a simple duvet cover or comforter. If you prefer to use natural fibers, a cotton and/or linen set would be ideal. If you are looking for something more extravagant, you could choose a silk bedspread or an elegant duvet cover. You will be able to find everything that you need for your minimalist luxury in a small and stylish bedroom.

By: Ikea


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