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When it comes to saving space in your kitchen, pantry storage is one of the best ways to make a major improvement. You will have more room in your kitchen for preparing meals as well as an extra place to store supplies you use on a regular basis.

A pantry storage system is designed to hold everything in one convenient place. Some of the popular designs include an organized pantry cupboard that is equipped with built-in drawers and shelves, as well as wall mounted cabinets. Some other items to consider when choosing a pantry storage design include safety features, ease of use, and affordability. Before making any decisions, take into consideration where you will place the closet organizer.

Shelving and Extra Storage

OMAR – section shelving unit

OMAR shelf unit makes your pantry look like a professional kitchen. But it isn’t only a kitchen dweller, it works equally well across the home. Add sections and adjust the shelf heights to fit your needs. OMAR storage system is easy to assemble – and regardless of what you choose to store, the contents are easy to see and access. If you want to customize your storage, you can complete with accessories from the OMAR series (e.g. OMAR – Clip-on basket).

OBSERVATÖR – Clip-on basket

If you need more storage space, you can hang several baskets vertically from a shelf or stack them on a flat surface. Use shelf inserts to create extra levels for jars and other items with varying heights. A clip-on basket also maximizes pantry space, and you can place flatter foods like tortillas and noodle packs underneath.

IVAR – Hook for side unit,

It really helps you to hang things you often wear in the kitchen. With hooks you can hang knives or cutting boards and others for easy reach. Turn unused space into practical storage space for things you want to show or have close in hand. Easy to install and easy to move – you don’t need any screws or tools.

Pantry Storage Organization

VARIERA – Box, white

VARIERA box is easy to carry and take out of your kitchen drawers or shelves since it has two grip-friendly handles. Helps you keep the kitchen organized and store things like dry foods, coffee filters and olive oil. Easy to clean, with soft rounded corners. Combine with VARIERA boxes in other sizes and with other products in the VARIERA series.

RISATORP – Wire basket

Perfect for storing those fruits and vegetables that are happier outside the refrigerator. The steel mesh ventilates so food stays fresh longer. Also handy as extra storage in the hallway, bedroom or home office. This basket makes it easy to access and get an overview of your fruit and vegetables, and has a decorative look. You can easily bring this basket with you for grocery shopping or picking home-grown vegetables in the garden.

IKEA 365+ – Dry food jar with lid

Clear containers show exactly how much you have so you can plan your grocery runs better, avoid overspending, and waste less food. Try labelling each container and taping on the expiration dates so you’ll know when it’s time to restock. Remove the lid completely to fill the jar and open half the lid to make it easier to pour from. Designed to give a good grip when you want to stir and pour at the same time.

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If you are interested in buying and do not know where to buy it. You don’t have to be confused because IKEA provides everything you need. If you’re interested in looking at designs and other ideas about kitchen organization, you can visit other pages of this blog. May this article help.


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