Simple, Practical and Stylish Hanging Storage

One of the best ways to make your home look neat and presentable is to give it a little added functionality with simple, practical and stylish hanging clothes storage. This is something that should be given more than just a second thought, and in many cases it is a must have when it comes to organizing things in your house. You may be thinking about putting clothes in the closet but think again. A lot of people end up storing their clothes out of view, which is never a good thing.

Instead of doing this, you should consider hanging clothes instead. It is not only practical but it can make your home look good and clean without having to deal with messy drawers or closets. If you are looking for ways on how to get the hang of it, I suggest going online and looking for some simple and easy solutions. You will be able to find hanging clothes storage that is very useful and you will also find simple ways on how to keep them safe.

Modern Hanging Storage Ideas

Out of the woods

Bring a quirky, graphical take on the natural world into your hallway with these solid wood, tree-like hangers. Contrast them with softer shapes like this round-edged mirror and wall clock.

Tiny hooks for tomorrow’s looks

A mirror and a row of hooks by your closet or chest of drawers makes a convenient spot to test out your outfit in advance and hang up your chosen pieces. Then you can snooze a bit longer the next day.

Affordable, portable, fashionable storage

A clothes rack can be fast, fun storage in a teen’s room. Their personality has a place to shine, and their outfits can be easily wheeled under a loft bed, by a mirror.

Never go out of style

Give your hallway real stage presence with this classic, timeless bevel-edged black mirror, sturdy hook rail, and simple, two-tone wall clock. Keep furnishing to a minimum in the hallway – what you need is just enough.

For peaceful morning flow

Start the day in the right way with this versatile valet stand that has a mirror. You can use it to hang the clothes you need the next morning and create an efficient, no-fuss morning routine.

Ruggedly chic clothes rack

It’s fun, different and easy to get organized with our metal clothes rack, designed in an industrial style. Practical and stylish, you can show off your favorite clothes and create a gallery-styled installation.

Fit for the king or queen of the house

Here’s a frame you can set up two different ways, as a cozy nook with medium-high walls or upside down to give your pet a clear view in all directions.

Shallow, tall, room for it all

In a studio apartment or small space, you can turn a wall into an affordable, custom wardrobe. It’s easy, by putting width-adjustable clothes bars up high and grouping shallow storage cabinets below.

Stylish Rack with 6 knobs

These racks with knobs have a clean design that matches every season’s accessory trends. They easily blend in with artwork too, for bedroom storage that’s fun and functional.

A birch butler to hold your clothes

For grab-and-go outfits or semi-used clothes that can be aired out and worn again, you can use a towel stand. This ladder-style one even has a little fabric pocket that’s perfect for accessories.

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