Small Rooms Arrangement by Making Smart Use of Space

Small rooms arrangement is one of the best ways to make a smaller space look larger. If you are living in a small apartment or a cramped house, you may find that your room seems to be missing something. Even if it is perfectly square and in perfect balance with the rest of the space, it doesn’t look that way because you are unable to fill it with furnishings. In such cases, one of the best solutions is to make some smart use of empty space around the home by making smart use of floor space and furniture. By doing this, you will be able to make your rooms look bigger and thus feel more spacious.

Room for everything

Chat, cook, eat, work and sleep: everything is done here, in a small room with many roles. Simplicity, smart organization (and storage!) Are key, putting big functionality into small spaces – all using affordable products from IKEA. How can you not like him?

A lightweight table and stackable chairs are easy to get rid of – allowing the same space to change function easily between the dining and living areas.

No specific room to work? No problem. These filing cabinets are perfect for placing under the dining table, and can be pushed in when hours are up.

Minimal style, maximal size, this simple cabinet front surface creates a calmer look in a room with lots of activity.

Extra kitchen storage? Extra cooking area? Have wheels? Yes, yes and yes.

“Practical” and “functional” are good things, and a little “beauty” is okay.

Would a sofa bed be a more practical option for this space? Maybe. Does the dream of having a double bed need to be realized? Of course! Even better, by turning it 180 °, this headboard can become a room divider. Smart, right?

High shelves on the wall boost the storage capacity of this space, and free up much-needed floor space.

An empty wall turned into a spacious wardrobe. Replacing the door with a curtain makes more efficient use of the budget and space.

Thanks to these stackable pouffes, there’s always an extra seat when friends and family come to visit.

Small Rooms Arrangement Ideas

There are various ways to make a small rooms arrangement that is going to make your home appear spacious. You can use the empty corners of the walls by using them to form a U shaped bed arrangement. This will enable you to utilize the empty space to the maximum. Another great way to make your rooms look bigger is by adding extra furniture, or if your furniture is already present in abundance, then you should try to group them in the right manner so that they complement each other and give a coherent theme to the room. If your walls seem to be blank and have no decorating ideas, you can always add wallpapers or paintings to give life to the wall. One of the best ways to arrange your small rooms is to keep them simple but yet elegant.

Try and go for simple designs that won’t eat up much of your precious space, rather, they will make your room look great without consuming too much of your resources. Small rooms arrangements are always best done on the basis of symmetry. This means that, for any particular room, you should make sure that the interior walls are equidistant from each other and also parallel to each other. Also ensure that the height of each individual wall is same as the height of the ceiling and the area of each room is equally divided.

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