Smart Hallway Storage – Makes the Most of Every Nook and Cranny

When it comes to home design, you should have a lot of options to think about when choosing a hallway. It’s an area that needs to function and can be used for all the different things you do, as well as a place where you can take advantage of every corner of the narrow hallway with smart storage. For one thing, you’ll want to think about how much space you should use, and then you want to think about the colors that work best for that space.

It’s also a good idea to think about the color of your hallway walls and how you plan to store this section in your home. Some people like to use their hallway as a decorative feature, so they want to have an open plan for this room, and that means thinking about what color scheme and type of storage is right for this part of the house. If you have large windows, then you may want to choose a lighter shade for the door, but you will still want to avoid too much bright white if you’re trying to avoid the glare.

Make the most of every nook

Hauga Storage Combination Gray

A small space, with tricky corners and lots of things that need to be stored can sound like a challenge. But with some smart storage ideas and a mood-enhancing color scheme, your hallway might become your new favorite room.

Dust-free SKUBB shoe box storage

Dust-free shoe storage
Shoe boxes help keep your seasonal shoes dust-free when you store them on open shelves.

It’s easy with KVASP Hook, brass color

It’s easy with hooks
Great storage ideas don’t have to be big. The tiniest of accessories can be the most practical when dealing with tricky corners.

Hanger with style on the hanger rack HAUGA

Hangers with style
Hangers made from solid wood are strong enough to hold heavier clothes and the natural material will help you add a sense of quality to your open hallway wardrobe.

TIPHEDE rug flatwoven and STRANDMON Ottoman, Skiftebo yellow

So rugs won’t slide
An underlay with anti-slip does more than keep your rug in place – it collects the dirt and protects your floor from scratching. Talk about working undercover!

A large LINDBYN mirror to get ready for the world

Ready to face the world
A daily confidence boost, anyone? A large mirror and good lighting mean you can get a good look at your outfit before leaving home.

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If you are considering incorporating your driveway into a hallway, you should definitely think about changing the color scheme for that room and its surroundings. You should look for colors like gray, red, yellow, or green. For smaller areas in the hallway, you should consider choosing a coat rack in a lighter color, but you will also need to think about other colors. (See pictures and if you want to shop have a look Here!)

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