Sprucing Up Your Hallway – Have you ever seen this idea?

We all have some sort of hallways in our homes. While some people have left their hallways just the way they are, others have made some effort to make their hallways look like a part of their homes. Leaving your hallways empty and bare is unattractive. Hallways should be an extension of the home. Spice up this area with these simple hallway ideas.

When it comes to interior design, living rooms and kitchens tend to get all of the attention, followed by bedrooms and bathrooms. Hallways, on the other hand, typically aren’t met with the same enthusiasm. Here’s the thing though: The simplest budget-friendly touches can add effortless style to even the longest of hallways.

Hiding in the Back of Your Closet

This is the hallway of Asia Babbington’s apartment. A designer and licensed realtor living on the Lower West Side of Chicago. Babbington uses one of the hallway walls for the gallery and drapes a beautiful bright fabric (it’s a traditional Indian wrap from an Indian friend’s wedding) on the ceiling that stretches out like a kind of very attractive canopy (you can use any fabric for this). This is the newest idea for your hallway look.

Black & White DIY Hallway Mural

This is Karina Mansfield‘s home in Brixham, Devon. She and her husband, Paul, moved out in early 2021 and started what was going to happen in it. “Our home is very colourful, and it reflects our local landscape and personalities.” said karina. She describes her home style as “Bold, fun, spacious, colourful, and quirky”. This fits perfectly with her unique hallway style, Karina is a self-taught artist and she herself drew murals in her hallways and made it a favorite place for her family.

Create storage with a console

This is an aisle from the Barcelona home, it has a sleek console which offers some extra storage and keeps the space from feeling too sterile. “I always use the hallway as a landing place, ”said designer Sarah Wilson, owner of Chansaerae Designs. “Set up a table where you can unload as you come in.”

Get a gallery wall

Turn your simple hall or entrance into a museum-worthy masterpiece by creating a gallery wall. This seemingly small space can hold many pieces of art and provide an aisle for inspiration. With art as far as the eye can see, Kate Beebe’s hall of maximalist attests to this – and it’s not at all boring to set the scene as you walk into her home.

Round up some rugs

As a bonus takeaway tip from Babbington, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to splurge on a pricey, larger runner that covers your entire hallway. Instead, you can simply get two matching smaller rugs and lay them about one foot apart for a similar look. If you can sew, you could always stitch them together, too, if you like want the appearance of one continuous runner.

Meanwhile, I love how this New Orleans home uses a set of two vintage rugs. Varied patterns offer visual appeal, but a similar color palette keeps the look cohesive. Even if you don’t have much room for furniture, you can definitely do a small rug.

Prioritize pops of color

“Painting the ceiling is a fun way to add dimension into a hallway,” says designer Ginny Macdonald. “It will draw the eye up and elongate the space.” Instead of using one shade, consider creating a cool, ombré effect with multiple hues as seen in this Barcelona space above. The result? A hallway you’ll actually want to stay in and look around—and not just pass through.

Go to the dark side

In Lori LaMont and Monte Weiss’s Long Beach apartment, where they embraced a deep blue wall color for their windowless hallway but punctuated that darkness with orange pendant lights and crisp, white trim. “You could also paint the ceiling and the walls in a moody color and play with the fact that the hallway is dark,” Macdonald says. “Painting it white, especially if it has no natural light, could actually make it feel more gloomy, as the white has nothing to bounce off. Playing into the darkness will make it feel cozy.”

Try a tapestry

If you want to give your walls some love but aren’t ready to commit to a full gallery wall, add a few tapestries. I love the simple pair hanging in this Philadelphia pad. Not only can this trick give your walls some much-needed texture and visual interest, tapestries can also strike a balance between subtle and statement if you select them carefully.

Fill it with foliage

Aspiring plant parents will find a lot to love about “Plant Doctor” Hilton Carter’s Baltimore abode. His 1,000-square-foot home features over 200 plants—including a hallway with a propagation wall. Go ahead and embrace your green thumb by copying this look.

Buy a bench

Take a cue from this Ontario-based oasis and add a bench to your hall. Not only does a piece like this take up minimal space, but is also offers a convenient place to put on your shoes or drop your bag.

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