Step by step makeover: Living room decor ideas

A white-walled empty space can be transformed into a warm, inviting living room decor in layers. Here’s how it’s done, one step at a time.

Step one: Colour it cosy

Add the right wall paint colour, and a room is created that wasn’t there before. For a cosy, earthy feeling, with furniture and accessories in blacks and natural tones, this warm, brown colour adds to the palette in an interesting way without being too close of a match.

Step two: Next comes the textiles

Sheer curtains offer privacy, control of the view and a beautiful filter for sunlight. And, if you like the natural crinkled look of the linen curtains? That’s easy: just wash, and hang to dry. Rugs do their part to define the space, too, even when used on top of carpet.

Step 3: The backbone of any living room decor

The sofa is the key piece in any space revolving around everyday relaxation. Place it somewhere central, where natural light will be a plus instead of a minus for viewing screens, with plenty of space for a table or two.

Step 4: Adding in comfort and style

Now for the things that don’t necessarily grab everyone’s attention, yet are the glue holding the room together. Cushions that complement the overall colour scheme and make the sofa extra inviting. A floor lamp for knitting and reading. And, of course, a plant (or better yet many!).

Step 5: Make Living room for more

More seating for the people you love and more storage and display space for stuff you love, too. The cabinets have great capacity, yet still fit discreetly along the wall. A mix of armchairs and small side tables (used in place of a single larger coffee table) form an inviting group.

Keep it natural

Objects made with natural materials have a remarkable ability to complement and heighten their surroundings, wherever you put them. Besides adding style and beauty, many are made from renewable materials like seagrass, rattan and jute.

Show the Living room style, store the stuff

Having the option to choose the way to display – from the top-shelf centrepieces to hard-to-dust heirlooms behind glass doors comes in handy. As does having some extra storage space with solid doors for stuff you’d rather store out of sight.

Greenery gains

House plants are hard to beat for adding a natural organic style to a space. Coordinating all the plant pots in a single color gives a finished look and helps to tie them to the rest of the decor in the room.

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