Before and After: The Ordinary, Messy Mudroom Becomes a Charming Cottage Entrance

Cottagecore, the No. No. 1 decor trend on TikTok for two years running, is marked by its vintage-inspired shabby-chicness. Floral wallpaper, patchwork quilts, doilies, and other whimsical, woodlands-y accessories (think: mushroom decor and dried flowers), which a few years ago you might have only found in a Hobbit hole or a very cute bed and breakfast, are now back in the mainstream — and they can add charming, cozy, comforting vibes to any space.

Mudroom Before Renovation

The mudroom in Lindsey Mahoney’s (Building Blue Bird) 1960s home was at that point almost to coordinating with Lindsey’s house y tasteful, because of its vintage-propelled high contrast checkerboard floors Lindsey painted as a component of a past project. In any case, the remainder of the space was pretty blah. The beige dividers and mess expected to go, Lindsey says.

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“I was ready to add some personality to the room and functional items to get all of our bags and shoes off of the floor,” she says. “Before the room was uninspiring, and nine times out of 10 was a pile of outdoor gear.”

The existing space had two closets, which were great for hiding away items, but Lindsey wanted to add even more kid-friendly storage for her young kids. “I wanted to add functional design elements so that my kids could participate in keeping the space tidy,” she says.

She chose to handle the mudroom by separating it into more straightforward scaled down DIYs. “Breaking down a large project into digestible smaller projects is how I tackle all of my home projects without getting overwhelmed,” she adds.

Simple Mudroom Renovations make for a Charming Cottage Entrance

Panels and Painting

The paneled wainscoting was installed in one weekend and went up easily, save for the corners (the trickiest part of the whole job). At the point when it came time to paint, Lindsey chose a natural kind of-green, kind of-dark, kind of-earthy colored tone (Sherwin-Williams’ Svelte Sage), and she adores the manner in which the shade looks.

Lindsey ran into an unexpected while coordinating with the current trim and ways to the dividers, however: The trim and entryways had a layer of oil-based paint, and the new latex paint was chipping off. “I was not expecting this since it had not been found in the rest of the house when painting,” she says. “I had to scrape off two coats of paint and then repaint the entire room. This took a few weeks to fix.”

Lindsey utilized a scrubber and dry scour cushion to eliminate the latex paint prior to re-trying the work with the appropriate prep work. The exercise learned for sometime later? Continuously check for oil-based paint prior to making a plunge with latex.

Attaching the Hangers

In the coat hook corner, Lindsey initially planned to install Shaker-style pegs on the top ledge of the sage walls, but those would have had to been installed before the wall went up, she says. She ended up finding a better, more perfect match that was a gift from the DIY gods (okay, actually it was from Menards): animal-shaped brass hooks, which are kid-friendly in more ways than one and definitely add to the space’s cottage-y vibes.

“Because we have two labradors who love to hunt, I chose labrador and pheasant brass hooks,” Lindsey says. (For other creature darlings out there, they additionally come in duck, fish, and deer shapes.)

The Lamp

On the roof, Lindsey traded the developer grade light installation for a vintage-looking school building light from Design House. “I used to be so intimidated by anything electrical,” she said on Instagram. Be that as it may, with training from different tasks, she’s gotten more familiar.


For the last DIY, on the dividers, Lindsey added three moves of a petite flower highly contrasting vinyl backdrop from Home Depot, a moderate choice at $35 a roll. Furthermore, her all-in spending was under $500.

By separating the venture into small scale DIYs, Lindsey had the option to add a few comfortable and enchanting components. “I love how much character this makeover added,” Lindsey says. “Before it was a boring white room, and now it has so much fun detail in this small space.”

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