The VÅRSTA Restaurant-Inspired Flexible Kitchen Design System

The flexible kitchen design system used by the VÅRSTA kitchen makes use of the latest equipment, innovative appliances and accessories to transform the way you look at your kitchen as well as prepare your meals. A unique blend of elegant kitchen furniture and modern appliances helps you prepare your meals more professionally and efficiently.

Suitable kitchen for chefs

VÅRSTA kitchen is a restaurant-inspired kitchen that is flexible and affordable to meet your every need – so whether you aspire to become a full-time chef or just want to create 5-star dishes for your family.

Flexible furniture

Height-adjustable seating, such as bar chairs, ensures that all family members can sit comfortably around the kitchen area.

Taps filled with water

Using a tap that has a mechanism that reduces water flow while maintaining pressure, and a safe hand spray that is very practical for cleaning fruit and vegetables.

Work on your kitchen wall

Free up your desk by storing items on wall-mounted rails. Our KUNGSFORS series includes many smart kitchen accessories, such as drip-free dish dryers.

Bring your digital recipes closer

Putting your tablet on a seat on the rails not only keeps your digital recipes where you can see them – it also frees up space on your desk!

Maximize space in your kitchen

The KUNGSFORS series is a smart and durable system that you can combine endlessly, and a wide range of accessories will meet most of your kitchen needs.

Choose a customizable cabinet

SEKTION/MAXIMERA base cabinets are available in different depths, making it easy to create sleek and sleek kitchen solutions.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Furniture

Using stainless steel in your kitchen adds an easy modern touch and will not tarnish over time and use. With a little work and routine maintenance stainless steel can last for many years. There is, however, the possibility of the stainless steel becoming dull from age, so it may be necessary to occasionally polish or touch up the finish.

By : Ikea


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