Tips for Arranging a Small Kitchens to Make It Look Wider

A lot of small kitchens are arranged in the U.S. with one large, fully-functioning countertop and two or three smaller work counters placed along a wall. The problem with this arrangement is that it makes the room feel very small. By arranging the appliances and the dishes on a single, larger counter, you can make the room seem a lot wider than it actually is. These days, there are some really nice ways to arrange the appliances and dishes in your kitchen to make it look more uniform in size. Then, here are some tips for arranging a small kitchens to make it look wider:

Reach for higher goods

Wall storage is a smart solution, but sometimes it makes it difficult for us to reach the items we need. The IKEA step stool makes it easy for you to reach items that are located higher up – or for your child to help with the cooking.

BEKVÄM – Step stool, aspen

Shift storage to the wall

Limited space on the kitchen counter doesn’t need to be a barrier to storing your groceries and cutlery. So, take advantage of wall space with storage racks to place your frequently used groceries or cups.

TORNVIKEN – Wall shelf, off-white

KUNGSFORS – Susp Rails With Shelves Rails Drawers, Stainless Steel Ash

Everything you need within reach

When cooking, you need a space free from distractions, but sometimes you also need to keep a few objects within reach. You can use additional storage to place various kitchen utensils, keys, and small electronic devices such as your cell phone. With the easy-to-move trolley rack, you can keep your important items without taking up space for cooking.

RÅSKOG – Utility cart, white

Lift the box to pick up all the equipment

Cooking different types of food requires different types of utensils, but there is no need to spend time finding them one by one. By placing frequently used utensils in a box tucked into a drawer, you can retrieve them all by simply lifting the box. Besides saving cooking time, your kitchen drawers will also look tidier.

VARIERA drawer storage

Box, White

Flatware tray, bamboo

Box with handle, bamboo

Maximize the space in the kitchen cabinet

When your spare plates and glasses have no place in the kitchen, take advantage of the free space in your cabinets. With a smart kitchens shelf insert, you can organize all your glassware without taking up more space. This will also make it easier when guests come to the house, because all spare plates and glasses are in one place.

VARIERA – Shelf insert, white

VARIERA – Dish Dryer, White

Use color to arrange a small kitchens. Dark colors on dark floors and counters are the easiest way to make a room look larger. Then, keep the rest of the room in shades of white or off-white. Another trick is to use light colored walls to keep the room looking uniform in size. If you can’t afford to have a complete kitchens makeover, at least try to decorate the walls so that the appliances and furniture all match.

By : Ikea


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