Traditional Kid’s Bedroom Furniture and Immortal Treasure

Durable furniture with attention to detail, an urge to play and learn, and – of course – the most stringent requirements on how children’s products should be designed. There’s so much more to the traditional, beautiful style in this kid’s bedroom – let’s see!

A toddler treasure

Do you want to create a cozy and playful kid’s bedroom in traditional style? One with lots of great storage and personality? Here are some ideas and suggestions to help you along.

A white/pink traditional kid’s bedroom with smart storage, a crib, and children’s stools.

Find space within space

Hanging up extra storage compartments on the rail inside a wardrobe can help you divide and organize your kids’ clothes even more.

A wardrobe and chest of drawers. Inside the wardrobe is a storage with 5 compartments holding clothes.

The tree of life

It’s always fun to see how much they grow throughout the years. With this decoration sticker heightchart tree, you can make your child’s room a lot more personal.

A chest of drawers with a mirror on the side stands beside a KINNARED decoration sticker on the wall.

Adding atmosphere with a bed canopy

With a bed canopy, you can create atmosphere and transform the crib into a cozy nook.

A children’s room where a crib with cozy cushions, RÖDHAKE bed linen and soft toys sits under a white bed canopy.

A light with dreamy potential

Sometimes a little light – and a comforting bunny – is all it takes to feel relaxed enough to fall asleep.

A rabbit-shaped PEKHULT soft toy with LED night light sits in a white crib.

Handy for your child

Putting up wall storage at a child-friendly height makes it easy for your child to reach their favorite things.

Two wall storages with one inverted storage for hanging clothes.

Tidy inside and out

You can make tidying the room even easier by adding storage boxes inside the spacious drawers. They’ll help your child find and organize their things.

Three boxes with animal-shaped soft toys sit inside a box which has been pulled out from under a bench.

By : Ikea
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